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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  December 23, 2012 8:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, coming up next on eyewitness news, a solemn day in newtown, connecticut as communities around the nation come together to say good-bye to the victims of the sandy hook school shooting. plus behind bars, a local teen will likely spend his christmas in jail. what police say he did coming up. and: >> with only two weeks to go in the regular season, the ravens try to get back on the winning track. i'm sand sonders, aisle -- saunders, i'll have a preview of today's game with the giants. the clock is ticking. a very chilly morning as people get ready for the final 48 hours of holiday shopping. so will it warm up before christmas? meteorologist tim williams tells us in his first warning weather forecast. and: >>reporter: and to get into the holiday spirit, why not check out the train garden here at the weiss avenue volunteer fire department. it is the coolest train garden by far, and it is extremely
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detailed. we will give you details on it and you can see it close up. that is in just a few as eyewitness news is seconds away. good morning. welcome to eyewitness news this sunday, i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams. temperatures are in the 20s and 30s around the area. >> brrr. >> yeah. difference today than this time yesterday is the wind is gone. >> oh, good. >> that is nice. a lot more comfortable out there, not a wind chill, there's hardly any wind at all right now. taking a look at the purple palace, quiet right now. tailgaters will be heading down shortly. the nice thing about today is it will be under sunshine even though the game is not until 4:25, but at least the
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conditions are comfortable, football speaking, that is. it's still a little chilly. right now temperatures are in the 20s around the area. 27 the temperature at bwi marshall, 23 in oakland, 30 in elkton, 28 down in ocean city. we will eventually get up into the 40s today with sunshine and blue skies with less wind than yesterday. temperature today up around 46 degrees. we'll have the complete first warning forecast coming up and your ravens forecast in just a few moments. >> thank you, tim. first here's what people are talking about this morning, saying good-bye, the final victims of the sandy hook school shooting are laid to rest this weekend. the entire nation is coming together to grieve for the children. and one of them has a very special connection to maryland. rochelle ritchie explains. >>reporter: josephine gay's angelic face, bright smile and innocence is now being remembered here in baltimore and newtown, connecticut. >> we want a moment of silence to remember these victims. >>reporter: she was one of 20 children fatally shot december 14th at sandy hook elementary school, a school shooting that rocked the nation.
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[ sirens ] >> they would be taken away from their mother. >>reporter: josephine turned 7 just three days before the shooting. she was a native of colombia, maryland and moved with her parents to newtown four years ago, and she loved the baltimore ravens. >> the father of three, it's extremely upsetting, and a week later everything is still setting in. >>reporter: several people who have felt the pain of the tragedy in newtown gathered in mount vernon to remember josephine and the 25 other victims. >> it's something that strikes to the core of all humanity. >>reporter: her family has not come forward to speak out about the shooting but released this statement saying "she touched the lives of so many around her, teachers, friends, therapists, neighbors all cherished and loved her. the shooting in newtown has sparked debate on gun laws, many calling for the ban of assault weapons, others for more security at school. in baltimore, rochelle ritchie, wjz eyewitness news. >> more than a dozen -- or 1,000 mourners, rather, also
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gathered yesterday for a final farewell to 6-year-old ana mark ez greene. meanwhile, donations flood into the town to help the families. several colleges, including the university of connecticut have also set up scholarship funds for sandy hook students and relatives of victims. in baltimore county police arrested an 18-year-old in the shooting of an off-duty police officer. investigator charged michael gibata with attempted first- degree murder. the shooting happened earlier this month in overly. police say gibata shot through the police cruiser after the officer honked his horn to disburse is crowd leaving a house party. he is being held without bail. a pedestrian is recovering this morning after he's hit by a car in pikesville. it happened yesterday. this was the scene at reisterstown and old court roads. police say it's still a mystery how the crash occurred or who was even at fault. but we do know the victims' injuries were not life
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threatening. nearly two months after superstorm sandy devastated the east coast, thousands of people are still trying to rebuild. days before christmas volunteers delivered a little hope to one family still trying to move back into their home. erica ferrari has the latest for wjz. >>reporter: lanny doesn't have a job this christmas. superstorm christmas destroyed the restaurant where she and her three daughters worked. it also wiped out the first floor of their home in breezy point, new york. >> you just want to be back in your home, i mean, even if it's not going to be the same. >>reporter: volunteers from operation blessing are trying to make that happen. >> give me 52. >>reporter: days before christmas seven of them put up insulation, an expensive job that this single mother says she just doesn't have money for right now. >> it's such a relief, it's such a burden off your shoulders. it's fabulous there's such kind, thoughtful people. >>reporter: the family won't be back in their house this christmas. in fact, they don't expect the work to be complete here until
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the spring. but they say knowing others volunteered their time to make their christmas a little brighter is the best gift they could have received. this family rnlt the only ones getting help from operation blessing. in october sandy caused billions in damage along the east coast and devastated this waterfront community. volunteers have done more than 300 jobs like this one for the people of breezy point. >> this has been an area that's been so devastatingly affected by the storm, and there's so much need. >>reporter: laura kelly and her family came from connecticut saturday to help rebuild. >> if i was ever in this position, i would hope that people would come and do the same for me, and i figure it's the least i can do. >>reporter: but the family says it's not a little deed, it's given them hope and a sign the christmas spirit is still alive. in breezy point, new york, erica ferrari, wjz eyewitness news. >> and the kelly family says they came to new york to help sandy victims in honor of those killed in newtown, connecticut earlier this month. they say it is one of 26 acts of kindness they'd like to
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complete this holiday season, one for each of the sandy hook school victims. parts of western maryland could see a white christmas this year. snow has been in the forecast in garrett county since friday. and parts of i-68 were closed for a short time yesterday because of ice. residents say the weather is tame compared to what they've seen in the past few years. the ravens are preparing for another game day without ray lewis. the defensive captain will sit out for his 9th consecutive game after tearing his right triceps. the ravens hope to have him back on the field in time for the playoffs, but, first, they must deal with defending super bowl champions. sam saunders has more on the showdown with the giants. >>reporter: good morning, everybody. while the raiives did give up 34 points in last week's loss to denver, it's fair to say that today against the giants most fans will be looking at the offense to make up for last
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week's performance. against denver the raven's offense went scoreless in the first half and it was not pretty. they had running plays that went no where and passes that went everywhere but to their own receiver. so with two games left, can the ravens find some consistency and put up some much needed points? >> i view it as being a very good offense and capable of going out there and scoring 30 plus a week and that's what we have to aim towards and that's what we're going to have to do to win down the stretch here. we're playing a lot of good teams and we're going to have to make sure as an offense we go out there and put points on the board. >> when you're looking at us now, you see a couple of weeks here, a couple of spurts here and there where we haven't within consistent, but there have been times in the year where we've been explosive. >>reporter: a giants pass rush has been inconsistent, but still can cause the athletes a lot of problems. >> they do a great job one on one. they're not a big blitzing team, but they are a big matchup team. they move their guys around. you'll see any one of their rushers on any one of your
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linemen. that's their game plan. they have to be prepared. >> they're tied with the redskins and the cowboys atop the nfc east, meanwhile, a raven's victory would clinch the north and guarantee them a home playoff game. back to you. >> thank you, stan. next week the ravens head to cincinnati to wrap up the regular season with the bengals. turning now to weather. >> turning now to weather. yeah. today will not be a weather excuse for anything that they do. so don't blame it on the weather. >> i gotta tell you something. >> oh, no. did you get your tree? >> i did. and it was windy, so i sent somebody else to do it. >> of course you did. >> we've been going through this every weekend, did you get the forecast to go get the tree and never gets the tree. you finally got the tree, on the windiest day of the weekend. >> right. >> you get the tree that's probably ready to blow off the top of the car. >> thank you. but i gotta say this, no gifts yet. i got 48 hours and being inside
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today will be a good idea. >> yesterday was a good idea to go inside. today is a good idea to stay inside. the towson town center. >> wrapping it up with wjz. >> stay inside and go outside to do your shoching. she'll go shopping here in the studio. we're looking at a pretty nice day today. look at all the blue sky. and what you'll notice from this, our camera is not jumping around. when the winds are really, really brisk out there, camera jumps around, you can really tell, even just by looking out there. today, though, the storm is completely gone, all the impact from the storm scpleelt gone. camera -- from the storm gone. and just in time for the ravens game, it's going to be pretty nice, mainly clear. we're going up to about 46 degrees today. so at 4:25 when the kickoff happens, well, 42 degrees, calmer winds, only about a five mile per hour wind from the west or southwest, actually, and that's going to be very comfortable. just dress for the chilly conditions because, of course, at that time of evening temperatures are dropping.
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so it's going to be pretty cold before that game is over and done. right now it's pretty cold, 28 degrees is our temperature at bwi marshall, 19 is your dewpoint. south/southwesterly wind at three miles per hour. barometer is building now, getting higher at 30.07. 20 in oakland, 31 in elkton, 30 down in oash obvious city. around the -- ocean city. around the metro area we have 20ss across the board for the most part until you get over towards the western -- that's the eastern side actually. weather people have a challenge with directions. eastern side of the beltway. bel aire over toward rock hall and kent island all in the low- to mid-30s and that's where we're going. we're going to gradually start from there heading into the 40s. this southwest flow is going to tap into some milder air, not very warm, but milder air with high pressure now in control of most of the east coast right now. that storm system you can still see a little bit of the rotation up in the canadaian maritime but the high pressure is building in. what we're going to be watching over the next few days are several ripples of energy
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moving along the jet stream which is moving right across the country. the first one is going to happen tomorrow. it's just going to bring a little rain in the area, really not much at all, but it will kind of breeze on through. the next one will happen the day after christmas. not going to have a white christmas, not even going to have any problems on christmas day. the day after christmas, another bit of energy that's going to track across the mississippi river valley and move into our region could bring a little bit of a mixture, a wintery mix of sleet and maybe even a little rain, but temperatures are going to be up in the 40s, so that's the day after christmas. we'll keep you posted on that. it's not going to be a major problem, but you'll want to keep an eye on the roads if you're traveling early on wednesday and through about wednesday afternoon. sunset today is at 4:49, southwest winds on the bay at 10 knots. our forecast today up around 46 degrees we'll call it. the average is 43. so we're on the comfortable side of it, albeit just a little bit chilly. 30 degrees tobility, clouds will start to build. for tomorrow mostly cloudy, a little rain in the afternoon, 42 degrees. again, it's not going to hinder your travel, just slow down a little bit. it might be a little damp.
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tuesday christmas day pretty nice, 46 with a good bit of sunshine. clouds again on wednesday with a chance of rain, maybe a little sleet and then 40 on thursday with some clearing, 41 on friday, temperatures staying in the low 40s. still to come on eyewitness news sunday morning, a florida shootout leaves one person dead. how it happened and what police say started all the violence. papel pardon, the pope caps off this holiday weekend with a show of mercy. the details are coming up. >>reporter: and i'm sharon kabello live along the tracks with the weiss avenue volunteer station train garden along this morning with ron maith. the details of this place are amazing. we'll show you some of them. that's after the break. >> all right, he's our favorite, ron. but, first, here are yesterday's winning lottery numbers. good luck. we're back in a moment.
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welcome back to eyewitness news on this sunday morning, the 23rd day of december. wow! we are two days -- gigi has
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already said we're 48 hours away from christmas. we're looking at the last few, actually, 48 shopping days, shopping hours away from christmas. we figured that out. today is going to be a pretty nice day to do anything you need to do last minute. weather is not going to get in your way. as a matter of fact, it'll help you, especially if you're doing any outdoor decorations. mostly sunny, 46. the wind has simply died out. it's pretty calm out there right now. 30 degrees tonight with partly cloudy skies. a little rain tomorrow in the afternoon, otherwise mostly cloudy, 42 degrees, rain will be about .10 inch or so, nothing too major and it will not be mixing with snow. that's a good thing. we'll have the five-day forecast coming up in just a moment. gigi. >> thanks, tim. now back to some of the other top headlines of the morning. an altercation inside a florida bar leads to a fatal shooting out in the parking lot. police say two groups of people started arguing inside the bar when they decided to take the fight outside. police say that's when one of the men pulled out a gun and shot another man. a security guard confronted the shooter and then shot him when
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he didn't drop his weapon. investigators say the entire ordeal began as an argument over a missing handbag. >> it is senseless that a fight over a purse ended up leading to a death, but that's just the reality of what happened here. >> one of the men died from his injuries and medics rushed another bystander to the hospital after he was hit in the leg by a stray bullet. fallout today after two high profile egyptian officials hand in their resignations. egypt's central bank governor along with the vice president of that country mahmoud mekki have both resigned. mekki says he realized that politics just didn't suit his background as a j. in the case of egypt's central bang governor, it appears that officials met with him earlier this week to pur suede him to stay. however, those talks failed. a christmas pardon is on the way for the pope's former butler. the man was convicted of stealing private documents from
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the vatican and then leaking them to the media. the pope visited him in the vatican jail to tell him personally that he had been pardoned. the former butler had been serving an 18-month sentence. with no deal on the fiscal cliff in sight and congress on holiday recess, president obama officially started his christmas vacation. the first family arrived in honolulu yesterday. mr. and mrs. obama and their daughters sasha and malia will spend the holiday in the president's home state of hawaii. and just to make you a little enveous, the temperature there this morning -- envious, the temperature there this morning 72 degrees. >> i am a lot envious. it is a holiday tradition for the young and the young at heart. the annual christmas train garden is going on right now in baltimore county. >> wjz's sharon ja bala is there checking out the largest animated train garden in the area. good morning, sharon. >>reporter: good morning, guys. if there was any train garden that you see this year, it should be this one. it is the biggest, most
8:20 am
elaborate train garden that i have ever seen. the details are absolutely spectacular, and we have one of the men that is behind it, bob francis, with the weiss avenue volunteer fire department. good morning. >> good morning, sharon. >>reporter: how long does it take to put this into play? >> we start constructing this around the middle of october, but when you talk about the number of main hours, you're talking almost 3,000 main hours to put it together. >>reporter: we're not just talking trains with some houses. you have a working drive-in theater, there's a ravens game going on that the ravens are beating the steelers, baseball game, every car is moving or animated. it's absolutely amazing. >> yeah. we have lights and these cars don't come this way, these guys have to work them up, they add the lights, the flashing lights and the animation, it's pretty time intensive. >>reporter: and to make it even more difficult, you do something new every year. >> every year this garden, we have a lot of the same animations, but every year the
8:21 am
setup is different. as a matter of fact, our chairman wayne nichols is probably already thinking about how he's going to do this again next year. >>reporter: i see you had a harbor this year, that's very cool and appropriate for where we live. >> yeah. we have the inner harbor, we have bethlehem steel mill on the other side and very elaborate carnival scene this year. >>reporter: so cool. and there's actually the external factors, i understand, are the hardest part about this train garden. there are some very funny stories that go along with that. we will talk about those coming up in about 20 minutes. in the meantime, if you want to see the train garden, it is open today and tomorrow, but not tuesday, correct? >> that's correct. we're open everyday except christmas, weekdays from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. and then on weekends from noon until 9:00 p.m. >>reporter: and it's $1 to get in. kids under 12 are free? >> children under 7 are free, and it's $1 donation requested for everybody else and we're open through january 6th. >>reporter: very good. we will be live here with even more details and some funny stories coming up.
8:22 am
back over to you guys. >> sharon, we've seen don and marty, ron, next sharon. >>reporter: you know, they've said every year we will, but i haven't seen one. >> okay, sharon. we'll check back in about 20 minutes. sharon duvall reporting live from the weiss train garden. coming up next on eyewitness news sunday morning: >>reporter: billy elliot is in town, straight ahead i'll show you some new moves. and wjz has asked for your help as we deck the halls and here are some of the pictures you sent us of your holiday decorations. look for the complete slide show on the slide show is sponsored by new valley nersry. we'll be right back.
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broadway is in baltimore and billy elliot has a musical in town. >> this morning the character billy school's kristy on some of the dance "wreck-it ralphs" on the hipadrone theater. >>reporter: the hit movie billy elliot is coming to life on the stage of the hipadome. >> when i saw the musical on broadway, i thought it was incredible. i absolutely loved it. i thought maybe i could do that
8:26 am
some day. >>reporter: noah is one of the children playing the lead billy, what he calls the role of a lifetime. >>reporter: the musical is based on the 2000 film "billy elliot" which is set in the u.k. during the 1984 miners strike. the story is centered around a young boy who trades his boxing gloves for ballet shoes. >> shuffles and flaps and pickups. >>reporter: something the 13- year-old massachusetts native says is one thing he has in common with the character. what do you like most about billy, about the character? >> dancing. i just love to dance so much. it's definitely my favorite part. >>reporter: do you see yourself in him? >> yeah, absolutely, because we have the same passion for dance. >>reporter: and noah tried schooling me on some of the dance moves. >> down and up. >>reporter: i quickly channeled my inner balance erin a until he ask -- ballerina
8:27 am
until he does this, something he does on stage. based on how i'm twirling, i think the foytes whipped me. do you ever get scared that you might mess up? >> i mean, i've definitely messed up, but i don't get nervous. >>reporter: a pro untouched by nerves, dancing, singing and acting his way across the country, one show at a time. at the hipadrom, kristy gilletteo, wjz eyewitness news. >> you secristy's move? >> she's got skill. next up is "canada." >> musical is playing at the hipadrom until december 30th. so much more to come on eyewitness news this morning, npc lawmakers call for swift action to fill the seat of one hawaii senator. how soon could be a -- could a successor are named? the final countdown. only two shopping days left until christmas. what analysts are saying about this year's holiday rush. plus mourning the victims
8:28 am
of the sandy hook school massacre. we'll hear from the first people on the scene after the gunman's rampage, all this and much more when eyewitness news @ñ
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good morning and welcome back to eyewitness news this sunday. it's 8:32. i'm gigi barnett.
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>> i'm tim williams. temperatures are in the 20s and just teetering on about freezing this morning, so it's cold. >> it is cold. >> the difference, though, today than yesterday is there's no wind. while it's 28 degrees, it's a true 28 degrees. it's not 28 degrees with a wind chill of 20 or 18. >> feels like. >> yeah. feels like 28 degrees today. sunny skies, blue skies, calm winds, a nice comfortable start to the day. you expect it to be chilly, of course, in december, two days away from christmas but we are at least getting some cooperation from the weather for anything you plan on doing for your last minute shopping or decorations or anything like that. 28 right now our temperature in central maryland, 30 in ocean city and in elkton, 23 in oakland. snow on the ground out in far western maryland, so, again, it's going to be a little chilly out there but at least the winds have calmed down. sunshine and blue skies today, 46 degrees the daytime high. look for an overnight low down into the 20s. we'll have your complete first warning forecast coming up in a few moments. >> thank you, tim. now let's take a look at the stories people are talking about this morning. it's the final funeral for the 26 victims of the sandy hook
8:32 am
elementary school shoolgt. they are over. but the pain of the massacre is still fresh in the minds of the first people on the scene. teresa garcia has the story. >>reporter: a horse-drawn coach carried the tiny casket of 6-year-old ana marquez greene. saturday marked the sixth day of funerals for the 26 victims of the school shooting in newtown, connecticut. as the grieving continues, the police officers who responded to radio calls about a gunman inside sandy hook elementary school described what happened. >> approaching the scene there were approximately six children that were running from the scene which added to our knowledge that, yes, this is real. >>reporter: first responders arrived within minutes of the 911 call that came in the morning of december 14th. officers say they broke windows to get inside to search for the shooter. >> heard the gunfire and went towards it. >>reporter: investigators say the gunman, adam lanza shot
8:33 am
himself when he heard police coming. police chief michael keyho says it was a horrific scene when he reached the part of the school where twenty-first graders and six adults were shot and killed. >> i was devastated, absolutely devastated. i had no words. >>reporter: he says it was clear no one in the classrooms lanza targeted could be saved. >> you feel a sense of guilt in that you weren't there quick enough to do that, but i also know that our response stopped that threat and could not proceed any further. >>reporter: newtown police officers are wearing bands around their badges in honor of the victims and they're still searching for answers to explain why lanza targeted the elementary school. teresa garcia, cbs news. meanwhile several colleges, including the university of connecticut have put up scholarship -- set up scholarship funds for sandy hook students and relatives of the victims. there's outrage in india this morning in the wake of a brutal sexual assault on board a city bus.
8:34 am
last week a 23-year-old medical student was stripped down and raped by several men, including the bus driver. afterwards she was thrown from the moving vehicle and left to die. police have arrested six men, but activists continue to take to the streets, demanding stricter laws, protecting people from sloor crimes. -- from similar crimes. >> if it means coming on the street and standing, let's do something for that child and let all our children be safe. >> meanwhile, the victim remains in critical condition. activists are demanding police seek the death penalty for the suspects. homents around the nation are -- hospitals around the nation are reporting thousands of patients may need to be tested for hepatitis c. this comes after police charged traveling medical worker david quikousy of tainting syringes. four new cases were found in
8:35 am
maryland. he worked at several hospitals here. health workers say at least 7000 patients now need to be tested. he is expected to go on trial in the fall. well, it's a corporation for national and community service and this week it made its home in baltimore. tim williams has more on the resident campus of americorps and the undertakings of the group. >>reporter: it's the opening of a new campus and the beginning of a new chapter. >> three, two, one. [ cheers and applause ] >>reporter: and with that, the americorps national civilian community corps has a home in southeast baltimore in the former educational building of the sacred heart school. >> the educational buildings and the convent and rectory will house those young men and women who will devote their life to service. >>reporter: americorps is a national full-time where those 18 to 21 years old serve a 10-
8:36 am
month term national disasters, conservation, as well as urban and rural development. in exchange they get credit and vouchers toward paying down educational debt. >> i think it's important that every young man and woman has a chance to serve their country and i was looking forward to having some adventures. >> i traveled across 21 states, serving 12 serving on disaster calls from tornado, fire, flood and hurricane. >>reporter: this new center in dundalk will house more than 240 volunteers. >> 460 members have given more than 90,000 hours of service since 2009 and that's 90,000 hours spent making baltimore better, safer, stronger. >>reporter: the area is thrilled to have them. in dundalk, wjz eyewitness news. >> and to find out more about americorps, look for a link to this story at under the local news section. we are following some breaking news this morning. a fatal police-involved shooting in southwest
8:37 am
baltimore. according to police an officer confronted a man acting suspiciously near a gas station on edmondson avenue. that's when the man approached the officer with a knife. well, when the man didn't drop that weapon, police officers say they fired his gun, killing the man who has not yet been identified. the officer is now on administrative leave amid an investigation and we'll bring you more on this story as details become available. the majority leader is asking hawaii's governor to move quickly to fill a vacant seat in the senate. harry reid wants to fill former senator daniel inouye's seat before the end of the year. reid says he wants to ensure hawaii is fully represented as lawmakers continue negotiations to try to avoid the fiscal cliff. inouye died last week of natural causes. hawaii representative colleen hanabusa is likely to fill that post. with christmas just 48 hours away, the holiday shopping season is almost over, but millions of people are still expected to hit the
8:38 am
stores the next two days, looking for last minute deals. as michelle miller explains, store owners say the holiday rush was a little slower than expected. >>reporter: getting around is a specialty toy store in new york city. >> you won't find any of this stuff at target, wal-mart. >> no. >>reporter: owner paul nippa says today is his busiest day of the year. >> within the last month, what have your sales been? >> they're up from last year about 5 1/2%, but some of that is the infamous early hanukkah. >>reporter: he's doing better than most retailers. shoppertrac which monitors shopper behavior nationwide expected holiday sales growth of 3.3%, they scwrut cut it to 3.25%. >> people are still very tight with their purse strings. >>reporter: retail analyst craig johnson noticed a sloun immediately after thanksgiving doorbusters sold out. >> up and down the spuk trum
8:39 am
from luxury to mid tier to value there's a lot of weakness. it's not terrible growth, but it's tepid, sluggish growth at best. >>reporter: retailers say consumer enthusiasm has been damperred by the images from newtown and the threat of higher taxes if washington fails to cut a budget deal. >> anytime you take income out of the consumers' pocket, you're going to reduce consumer activity and reduce retail spending. >>reporter: so retailers are offering steep discounts to salvage the season. teen story aeropostle is offering 60% 60% on its website. and this children's clothing chain is offering up to 75% off. >> when the kids need toys, you need toys. when you need a present, you need a present. >>reporter: what nippa says he really needs is a big sales day. michelle miller, cbs news, new york. >> if you cannot make it to the store in the next two days, there is some good news. many retailers are expected to continue their holiday sales well into the new year. and i think that's probably going to be me.
8:40 am
>> well, especially if you have gift cards. i mean, of course, you're shopping after christmas anyway, but, you know, you, you're shopping after christmas no matter what. >> no matter what. >> up until it. >> i gotta say this, one person who does not need to shop -- >> who's that? >> is the winner of our holiday gift basket contest. >> who is that winner? >> that winner is -- i love the drum roll, diane birdette. >> that's right. she wins a new year's eve cruise from spirit cruises, sweet treats from cold stone creamery and unforgettable getaway at dog sledding and eco tours, courtesy of garrett county tourism. tickets from peter ban and butte -- peter pan and beauty and the beast tickets. >> no shopping for you, diane. congratulations. >> diane was on the nice list this year. >> what list did you make? >> there isn't a list for me. >> naughty. >> and we don't even want to
8:41 am
ask that. i've learned never to ask a question if i can't handle the answer. i'm not asking what list she's on. >> that's a good game plan. well, mother nature obviously on the nice list, at least for today and for christmas day, how about that? >> okay. >> we have pretty nice conditions right now. we have some ripples in between, some naughty weather in between that's going to cause maybe a few little problems depending on whether you're traveling by car or not. we'll talk about that here in just a second. but what you can notice right now is that the sunshine is out, blue skies are there, and what you can feel when you go outside is that the winds have died down substantially. they were from the south -- they are from the souft/southwest now at three miles an hour, down from 28 mile per hour gusts yesterday. feels like 28. no wind chill out there. 68% relative humidity. around the state temperatures are in the mid-20s and low 30s around the area. 31 in elkton, 30 down on the shore. two of the higher spots.
8:42 am
everyone else right in the mid- 20 range. 28 at bwi marshall, 20 in colombia, 29 in westminster, 30 in bel aire, 34 in rock hall and 32 in annapolis and on kent island. winds are definitely less of a story today. we are seeing a bit of a southwest flow. it's tapping into a bit milder air. our average now is about 43 degrees. we'll be in the mid-40s today. high pressure now dominating the forecast. the highs to ur -- the high is to our south so we're basically getting a nice little mild flow around it. all the disturbance that brought us all of the rain and winds from the last two days now well up into the canadaian maritime, lifted up to the northeast. what we'll be watching the next few days is several ripples of energy riding along the jet stream which is coming west to east straight across the country. the first one will be tomorrow and just a little rain tomorrow potentially, but then that's going to go away. that one is not going to be a big deal. we get sunshine again on christmas day on tuesday, and then the next one is going to track down around the monongahela river valley and it's going to take a bit of a
8:43 am
turn coming up the coast. so wednesday, the wee hours of the morning we could see some rain and some sleet mixing in. a little bit more of the frozen precipitation north of the beltway, but that's going to be with us until about wednesday afternoon and then it starts to taper off. we're going to be dealing with winds again wednesday into thursday as that storm starts to make its way out. so again today pretty nice. tomorrow little rain and then tuesday christmas day another nice day. we have to keep an eye on wednesday. 4:49 your sunset time today. we're looking at temperatures up around 46 degrees with mostly sunny skies. otherwise a bit milder than the average of 43. 30 degrees tonight, partly cloudy. the average is 26. we'll be a bit above that. when freezing is a little bit above the average, you know it's pretty cold outside. then again a little rain tomorrow in the afternoon, 46 on tuesday with sunshine, 47 with a bit of a wintery mix on wednesday. we start to clear on thursday into friday. another storm moves our way next weekend. >> okay. still to come on eyewitness news sunday morning,
8:44 am
you know, tim, santa can't do it all. sometimes you have to find the pergt gift for yourself -- perfect gift for yourself and time is running out. >> yeah, for you. the experts are here to tell us what to start looking for. annie wilson with towson town center is here in the studio with some expert tips coming up. >>reporter: and i'm sharon kabellow live at the weiss avenue volunteer fire station with the latest addition. this was added just moments ago and it's just for you gigi and tim. we'll have complete details on the fantastic train garden after
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
you're looking at dwai degrees and sunny -- 28 degrees and sunny at 8:47 this morning. welcome back to eyewitness news. they may be toy trains, but there is nothing tiny about the annual christmas trainen at the weiss center -- weiss avenue volunteer fire department. >> sharon duvall is there checking out the train garden. she's also got her electronic billboard added to the exhibit. good morning, sharon. >> that's an upgrade. >>reporter: yeah, absolutely. they took your request and they put us a temporary upgrade just for you guys on the train garden. this is the train garden they
8:48 am
take very seriously, several thousand hours go into this. and when you look at the details, every time you look at the train garden, you see something new and you see something moving. it's absolutely amazing. we have bob francis here, one of the men behind it. good morning. >> good morning, sharon. >>reporter: we were talking about how much fun it is to build it, but you said that one of the actual most difficult things is the external factors that you can't really predict. tell us a little bit. there's some funny stories. >> yeah. we love people and 99% of the folks that come through here are great and they love it and they're respectful. but every once in a while you'll get one of those folks who want to push the boundaries. we had one little boy one time who actually crawled up onto the guard and started playing with it like it was his own little play set. >>reporter: that would be one of my children. not really. so then there was actually a really funny story that happened a couple of years ago. tell us about that. >> yeah. it's kind of funny because i mentioned to you guys the volunteer firemen are also sometimes referred to as
8:49 am
squirrels. while a couple hours before we opened one year, about two years ago, we got a call from somebody here at the station saying you need to come over here because a squirrel had fallen out of the ceiling and was wreaking havoc on the city. it was almost like a little squirrel villa. >>reporter: and when you see the detail and how beautiful this is, i can imagine that it was a bunch of grown men crying and trying to figure it out, trying to fix it when more people came. >> much like the wjz billboard, firefighters are a can-do group of men and women and, you know, we do whatever it takes to get it up and running. and we made our deadline. we got it open on time. >>reporter: very good. and this is a much do event. you really need to come see this in person. i'm thinking tv just doesn't do it justice. but if you want to come out here, they are open today and tomorrow. it's free to get in with a $1 donation requested. kids under 7:00 or free -- under 7 are free. what are the hour? >> everyday from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and every weekend from noon
8:50 am
until 9:00 p.m., every single day through january 6th except christmas. we will be 0 closed christmas day. >>reporter: very good. so if you don't have time before christmas, it's a great after-christmas activity. back to you guys. >> thank you, sharon. >> sharon duvall reporting live from the weiss avenue volunteer fire department train garden. the clock is winding down. less than 48 hours to wrap up your christmas shopping and gifts. >> annie with towson town center breaks down
8:51 am
8:52 am
you gotta go shopping, either today or tomorrow. you will run into some crowds because you will not be the only one at the maul. >> annie with towson town center. she's a senior marketing manager there. annie, take it away. give us some ideas of what we can expect to find last minute.
8:53 am
>> you know there's only two more days before christmas, so i brought some great last minute gift ideas for anyone on your list. we can start down here with items from crateon barrel which is perfect -- creighton barrel which is perfect for those who love to entertain. we have some gingerbread plates and cups, fun, festive this time of year. you can also take this gingerbread man cookie jar, fill it with some cookies and it makes a great hostess gift. >> yes! i like it, annie. >> the cookie jar. we also have these great parker bowls right here which is great for your host. she can use those to mix and to serve and they even look really nice on an open shelf. >> perfect. so we got creighton barrel, that's a good idea. >> next we have items from the gap. gap has a lot of great gifts for your brother, your sister or an older child. this hot pink tote bag is really pretty. i really like this one with the matches cozy scarf, got that papa pink color there to match the handbag which is really
8:54 am
pretty. what's great about gap right now is they have sales going on, so you have something from every price point. the denim you see here is 20% to 40% off. next we move on to harry and david. if you haven't been to harry and david, you have to check them out for great hostess gifts, the boss, a coworker. they offer lots of gourm et foods like this royal riviera pear set we have right here. they have lots of gift baskets, gift boxes like this holiday tower treat. you can actually pick which items you like to fill it up with and you can put your lunch in here which is my favorite. we have some here. >> we're going to eat these throughout the break. then you got that ravens fan that you love. >> orioles. >> i'm sure everybody has at least one ravens fan on their list. the sports shop has a lot of great apparel items. this for him and for her. i also want to point out this tote bag which this is actually insulated on the inside so it's great for tailgating parties.
8:55 am
>> and gift cards from the mall. >> always. >> you can purchase them at customer service anywhere between $20 and $500. >> so if you have no ideas, i don't know why. head to the mall, towson town center. annie, thank you
8:56 am
8:57 am
nothing like last minute pressures to get you shopping. i know what's on my list. >> that's right. >> see you at the mall. that's our show for this sunday
8:58 am
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